Aries Parent and Gemini Child

* As the Aries parent of a Gemini child, get set for a barrel of laughs but also an equal amount of provocation!

* If you’re an Aries mother, you’ll recognize so much of yourself in this bright and vivacious youngster – not least your free-spirited outlook on life and confidence in doing your own thing. Because neither of you are afraid to say exactly what you think to the other, yours is likely to be an unusually outspoken and rather noisy household!

* If you’re an Aries father, the main trait you have passed onto your Gemini child is your notoriously low boredom threshold. Like you, they get very restless and irritable when things aren’t happening fast enough and need a lot of variety and excitement to be happy. To reduce stress levels and family arguments, teach them calming, relaxing techniques – and then apply them to yourself!

* Aries parents of Gemini kids should try to be a good role model for consistency and staying power by making a point of always completing the task in hand before starting a new one. You can’t complain about your Gemini child’s fickle nature if you’re just as changeable too!

* You may not like it, but your Gemini child is probably a little cleverer than you. You’re known for your quick-thinking but since their brain is even faster and wilier, they’ll easily get the better of you in arguments and conflicts. You’ll have to sharpen your wits to hold your own with this super-smart kid!

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