Aries Parent and Capricorn Child

* As the Aries parent of a Capricorn child, you’ll be surprised by just how different this youngster is to you!

* The contrast between the Zodiac signs Aries and Capricorn is perfectly summed up by the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. Aries is fast off the mark but quickly gets distracted or runs out of steam, while slow moving Capricorn just keeps plodding on until it safely reaches the finishing line. As the years go by you’ll realize how accurately this analogy applies to you and your child.

* If you’re the Aries father of a Capricorn son or daughter you may despair of your kid’s ultra-cautious approach to life and the puzzlingly long time it takes them to get things done. In turn though, especially as they grow older, junior is likely to take a dim view of your reckless rushing in where angels fear to tread. Ditto your seeming inability ever to complete what you’ve started.

* To maintain harmony in your parent-child relationship, accept that your Capricorn child hasn’t inherited a great deal from you, and just live and let live!

* Capricorn kids are a godsend to on-the-go Aries mothers who are too busy to spend a lot of quality time with their children. Because they’re so responsible and self-sufficient, they don’t need much supervision or hand holding, and can actually do quite a good job of bringing themselves up. If offered a small financial incentive, they’ll even be more than willing to help out with the chores.

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