Aries Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Aries parent of a Cancer child, the first thing to understand is that this youngster is cut from a somewhat different cloth to yourself!

* While you’re a relatively tough and thick-skinned person, your little Crab has an unusually high degree of sensitivity which you may find quite hard to relate to at first. Challenges you took in your stride at their age are likely to upset them far more than you may realize.

* Your Cancer child also hasn’t inherited your fierce sense of independence. Whereas you probably wanted to fly the coop at the earliest possible opportunity, junior is much more of a homebody and likely to want to remain under your wing for quite a long time.

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Cancer child, you may need to swot up on your nurturing skills to do a good job of raising this adorably vulnerable and emotionally needy kid. Since it doesn’t come naturally to them, most Aries women have to work hard at mothering, and all the more so when they have a little Cancerian to care for.

* If you’re an Aries father of a Cancer son, coming to terms with his gentle and somewhat timid nature may present problems for you if you expect him to display the same kind of macho characteristics as you. Learning to accept and love your child for who he is will be a critical challenge for you.

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