Aries Parent and Aquarius Child

* As the Aries parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll find junior takes after you in so many ways!

* Like you, they’re prepared to be their own person and follow their own path in life without caring what others think. You have passed on to them your inborn desire for freedom and your belief that life is a big adventure to be explored and enjoyed. Likewise your heroic spirit, your desire to help the underdog, and your ambition to do something great and noble in the world.

* If you’re an Aries father, you’ll admire your Aquarius child’s contempt for authority and refusal to bow down to anyone in life. But if you lead them to believe that answering to nobody is okay, you can’t then complain if they refuse also to answer to you! If, like most Aries fathers, you’re a stern disciplinarian you will find your Aries kid’s rebelliousness quite challenging at times.

* Most Aries mothers aren’t the obsessively nurturing type, so if you’re one of that breed it’s very fortunate for you that your Aquarius child doesn’t want to be babied, pampered or mollycoddled in any way. Your robust, no-nonsense child-raising style sits well with their emotional independence, so in that sense you’re a great match.

* Are you a sufficiently humble kind of Aries to accept there are things that you as a Fire sign can learn from your Air Sign child? If so, as the years go by their coolly detached and highly rational problem-solving approach will show you there’s a much smarter way of coping with challenges than ranting and raving or going on the attack.

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