Aquarius Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Virgo child, you may need to revise some of your more progressive ideas to do a good job of raising this rather conservative youngster.

* Being different, breaking rules and flouting convention comes naturally to you, Aquarius. But your Virgo child hates to stand out from the crowd and is easily embarrassed by any kind of eccentricity on the part of their parents. Even if it’s a hard act to play, for the sake of your Virgo child, try to appear as ‘normal’ as possible!

* This is a highly critical youngster who demands top standards of practical care from their parents – and in their eyes that means an orderly home and regular timetables. Getting a grip on your chaotic tendencies will be essential, because they’re likely to be deeply disturbing to your little Virgo.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Virgo child, your emotionally detached make-up makes you fairly immune to their disregard for demonstrative displays of affection. Both being cool and collected types, you won’t lose your rag with each other whatever the provocation. That’s good news because this little perfectionist’s nit-picking will often drive you crazy: they haven’t inherited your willingness to ‘live and let live’!

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you believe in offering your kids plenty of freedom of thought and action. But while your Virgo child is happy that you allow them to vigorously question your ideas and beliefs, at the same time they’d feel more comfortable with a few clearly defined boundaries – and a slightly more authoritarian kind of dad.

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