Aquarius Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Taurus child, always keep the following in mind: while you’re better with people than things, they’re much better with things than people. In other words, they may not have inherited your social skills, but they’re a far more practical and down to earth kind of person than you are.

* While you would rather take the road less traveled in life, your Taurus child prefers more old-fashioned, tried and tested ways. They’d rather you were a boring parent than an embarrassingly unconventional one – and a dull and uneventful upbringing will suit them much better than an exciting but unstable one.  

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Taurus child, it’s important to remember that more than most other kids, they’re upset by irregular routines and unexpected changes. Variety may well be the spice of your life Aquarius, but your Taurus child wants everything always to stay the same.

* Get set for a few battles of will with your Taurus child, because when you’ve both made your mind up about something, you’re both equally immovable.  Set them a good example by being willing to compromise or let go when they lock horns with you (which will probably happen quite often!).

* If you’re the Aquarius father of a Taurus child, don’t be disappointed by this risk-averse youngster’s relatively unadventurous outlook on life. They may not be quite as free-spirited as you’d hoped they would be. But the time will come when you’ll greatly appreciate their dependable, safety-conscious ways.

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