Aquarius Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll find your egalitarian ideals are tested to the limit by this strong-willed youngster!

* If like most Aquarians you believe the greatest gift you can offer your kids is their freedom, you’ll be running into trouble with your power hungry little Scorpio. If you’re unwilling or unable to control them, they’ll end up controlling you! Power games don’t interest you Aquarius, but they’re integral to every Scorpio child’s raison-d’etre.

* To understand why, unlike you, your Scorpio child can sometimes be so manipulative, you need to get your head around their deep sense of insecurity. Because you see only the best in people, trust comes easily to you. But your all-seeing little Scorpio is more suspicious of others’ motives – and more fearful of betrayal or abandonment.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Scorpio child, the first thing to understand is that compared to yours, their feelings are much deeper, much more intense and at times a little scary. Rationalizing away their hurts and fears in your emotionally detached way simply won’t work: to prove your love, your little Scorpio needs you to take them very seriously.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, disciplining your kids is your least favorite part of being a dad, but in this case you neglect it at your peril. If you’re weak enough to give your Scorpio child an inch they’ll take a mile, and lose all respect for you in the process.

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