Aquarius Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Cancer child, to forge a strong bond with this sensitive youngster you’ll need to overcome your inborn detachment and cultivate some parenting techniques you’re not naturally familiar with.

* Cocoon parenting isn’t really your style, Aquarius. Your social life probably means far too much to you to spend your entire life cooped up with the kids. That’s bad news for your home loving Cancer child because they need your constant company and will feel neglected if you give them the impression your friends mean more to you than they do.

* The precious daily routines and rituals you share together are critically important for your Cancer child’s sense of emotional security, so try never to miss out on them. Maintaining close ties with relatives is also a must – even though family may mean less to you than it does to them.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Cancer child, you’re faced with the dilemma that this emotionally needy youngster wants a much more intimate kind of nurturing relationship than you’re naturally suited for. Hugs, kisses and saying ‘I love you’ may not be your style Aquarius, but for your little Cancer’s emotional wellbeing, you’re going to have to get a lot better at them.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, accepting that this shy and cautious child hasn’t inherited your outgoing, risk-loving, ‘anything goes’ kind of personality may be a challenge. But trying to change them will be out of the question if, like a true Aquarius, you believe it’s right to ‘live and let live.’

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