The Sagittarius Child

* A Sagittarius child’s prime motivation in life is to discover as much as possible about the world, and from their earliest years they sense they are destined for a life of adventure. When they’re tiny, you’ll have a hard time stopping them exploring all those out of bounds places in the home. When they’re older it won’t be long before their inborn wanderlust kicks in and they want to take off on their own on their travels. Because it puts them at risk, your Sagittarius child’s fierce independence may sometimes worry you. But because it also proves they’re a true free spirit, more often it will be a source of great pride and joy for you.

* Being recognized as morally correct is extremely important to this youngster’s self-esteem. A Sagittarius child enters this world with a strong inbuilt moral compass and a precociously well developed value system. Because they seem to instinctively ‘just know’ what’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘wrong’, they rarely need telling. More likely, they’ll be the ones lecturing other people (including their parents) for breaking some important moral rule. A Sagittarius child can be intensely irritating when they get up on their little soapbox and start putting the world to rights. But don’t let that stop you from praising their high principles. It will make them feel really good about themselves.

* Since Sagittarius children pride themselves on their honesty, try never to accuse yours of telling lies, which is something they’d never intentionally do. What you may need to reprimand them about though, is their blunt, and often outrageously thoughtless, outspokenness. In their compulsion always to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, little Archers can display a callow disregard for other people’s sensitivities, and need to be reminded that brutal honesty is actually nothing to feel proud about.  

* Every Sagittarius child is a little philosopher at heart, with a deep inner need to find some kind of meaning in life and make sense of its many ups and downs. When things go against them, they won’t complain as long as they can see the justice in it. But if they believe that they, or someone close to them, has been treated unjustly, they’ll get very angry. Because fair play is so important to your little Sagittarius, if you have to discipline them, try always to clearly explain the reason why. Otherwise you’ll see their rebellious side.

* It’s rare to find a Sagittarius child without a rollicking good sense of humor and a natural talent for making others laugh. This is a youngster who looks resolutely on the bright side of life, and whose unfailing optimism helps them to quickly bounce back from even the most difficult of setbacks. Embrace their positivity warmly and it will help you to be more positive too!

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