The Pisces Child

* A Pisces child will typically require a lot of ego boosting to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Since they’re born under the very last sign of the Zodiac, they’re inclined to taking a back seat in life and playing down their many talents because deep down they think they’re not good enough. To prevent them from developing an inferiority complex, a little Pisces needs constant reassurance that they’re just as important and worthy as anyone else. Never scold a Pisces child for being ‘bad’ or ‘useless’ as it will have a particularly devastating effect on their self-belief.

* Believing in happy-ever-after fairy tales comes naturally to most kids when they’re very young. But a little Pisces never really grows out of their child-like fantasies about how the world and its inhabitants should ideally be. Their tendency to view life through rose colored glasses makes them unusually susceptible to being taken in by people and situations that turn out to be much less agreeable than they first thought them to be. Dealing with your Pisces child’s disappointments and let-downs, and teaching them to be a little less naive and trusting, will represent an important part of your parenting role.

* A Pisces child isn’t motivated to fight as hard or as long as the average kid for their wants and needs. When faced with any kind of obstacle or opposition to their goals, they’d often rather just give up or walk away as fight their corner. Because this youngster’s lack of assertiveness can make them a prime target for bullying types who will try to push them around, they vitally need training in how to stand up for themselves.

* Deep down a Pisces child senses that part of their life’s purpose is to alleviate some of the pain and misery in the world. Even when quite small, they will go out of their way to perform little acts of kindness towards someone going through a hard time. When they’re older they may be drawn to an altruistic profession which provides a good outlet for their caring, compassionate nature. Pursuing a purely materialist path in life will ultimately lead to feelings of inner emptiness and lack of fulfillment.

* Such is their extreme sensitivity, a Pisces child instinctively seeks escape routes from the harsh realities of life. Fortunately they have a very vivid imagination which they can retreat into whenever the real world becomes too much to bear. This serves not only as a means of psychological self-protection, but also as the source of their deeply inspired creativity. It will be important though, to teach your Pisces child how to distinguish between facts and truths versus daydreams and falsehoods, which may not come very naturally to them.

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